Samson & Delilah

This was another great movie as well.

It was a great eye opening experience for me personally, since I never knew that first nations people lived in Australia, in reservation areas. From this movie what I got was, just an idea of how poorly the first nations people were treated in Australia. There is a scene in the movie where it shows traditional aboriginal paintings being sold for very high prices, which I thought was ironic since the first nations people were so poorly treated in that country. There are many scenes that exemplify this, but the two that stand out are;

1) when the girl sees how valuable the aboriginal style paintings are, she makes some herself and tries selling them to local Australian people in cafes, but no one event gives a penny to her (and you can clearly tell that she needs help and money because of the bruises on her face)

2) the random group of Australians that kid nap the girl in their car, the movie does not show what happens to her, but viewers can understand what happened. When she finally returned, she was all bruised up

Another very important scene was when the two decide to live under the bridge with a homeless man who is Australian. I believe that the director showed this scene to show a representation of how first nations people are thought of in Australia, that they were at the bottom end of society, just as homeless people in Australia are.

Throughout the entire movie, Samson is always smelling petrol in a can, to me it has to symbolize something since every time he smells it, something bad happens, finally in the end when he stops smelling the petrol he is free and returns back to “reality”. Petrol is a symbol for capitalism and greed in most movies, usually representing the greedy nature of the “white race” or upper class of people. Perhaps the petrol in this movie represents the same thing. Samson and Delilah run away  from this reservation, in my opinion, hoping to find a better life that the “white class” enjoy. The petrol he is smelling is a symbol that Samson is caught up in trying to get or make more money, and have a white class life style. Finally his brother rescues him brings him back home, where he finally stops smelling the petrol, and his head is finally clear of all greedy capitalist ideals. The movie wants to show that what Samson had back in the reservation, although it is not the greatest of places to live, was actually where he will be the happiest and where he will be loved, and the movie ends off with him and Delilah living happily ever after, in some deserted area in their reservation. So in a sense, Delilah could be a symbol, which is the opposite of the petrol, or greed and capitalism, which is freedom and love.

The petrol symbolizes greed

Stops smelling the petrol, so he gets rid of all greedy, capitalist thoughts, and lives happily ever after


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