The Normal Heart – The perfect title for this movie

The Normal Heart, first off, I want to say, great acting from the entire cast in the movie, and a great soundtrack as well.

Now the title of the movie, The Normal Heart, to me is the most accurate title this film could have chose.  The story is ultimately about a gay couple, and how the aids epidemic has affected their relationship. The movie is all about the gay community, how they act, what they do, and how the “outside world”, or straight people, view them. In the beginning of the movie, the whole idea of showing the viewers, how gay people are, seemed like what the rest of the movie will be about. By the end of the movie, I think most viewers will find that, this movie is not actually even focusing on gay people, and their community, but rather, just on a couple that really loved each other, and how the aids disease affected so many people. The director wanted you to ignore the fact that the couple, and the community was gay, he convinced you that these were just ordinary people. Which is why the “Normal Heart” title is perfect for this film. The idea in society of how a gay person’s heart is not “normal”, since their sexuality is not of the norm, as depicted by society. The director ultimately, wanted to show us that, just like straight people, gay people, are actually very similar. You could have replaced the gay couple, with a straight male female couple, and the message and affect would have still been the same, that the couple is torn apart by this disease.

Every movie I have ever seen, in regards to portraying gay people on screen, has not been able to accomplish this, as if there was a gay person or couple or community in a movie, or TV show, that his character is defined by the fact that he is gay. This movie convinces viewers, through the movie, that these gay people are actually just the same as straight people. That both love, and get hurt, which is why I believe that this movie was truly great, it has accomplished something that view movies have, in this regard.

Furthermore, the film shows just how differently straight people think about gay people, the perfect example is when Ned (main character), is in a meeting with the adviser of the president, and the adviser asked Ned if this disease can effect straight people, when Ned said “no”, the adviser completely had no care for the subject anymore, as it will not affect him or straight people, thus, Ned was sent out of his office, with the adviser saying that he would not recommend this issue to the president.

Another thing I noticed was how different the beginning of the movie was, with the beach house scene, everything is so colorful and joyful. Then you look at the later half of the movie, especially the hospital scene where Felix is just about to die, and all you see is dark shadows and black/grey colors. This was very similar to the movie I Am Love in this regard, where the director went from colorful to dark, to emphasize just how bad things are getting.



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  1. ajuanderfullife · October 29, 2014

    Great analysis of the title! Loved it too – truly this was a film about love. It was a breath of fresh air to see a movie where the gay characters aren’t just the sidekicks.


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