Eyes Wide Shut – Perfect Example of Postmodernism

Think you know what the movie is all about just from looking at this cover? Boy are you in for a treat.

I recommend everyone, (you have to be over 18 to see this movie, A LOT of nudity) to see this movie, and do not read anything about it before viewing it, and I guarantee that you will be absolutely shocked throughout the movie.

Now the movie is directed by Stanley Kubrick, the last movie he directed before he died, and referred to this movie as his greatest masterpiece. If you know Stanley, you will know that he ALWAYS has a lot of hidden messages and themes in his movies, that really stretch your brain. This movie is no different.

This movie is LOADED with symbolism and different ideologies

The movie looks at a modern couple, played by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (both in the prime of their acting careers when this movie came out, so the overall acting was fantastic). The movie begins by showing them as your typical “normal” family, Tom as a doctor, Nicole as a house wife, and they have a 9 year old daughter. Then, throughout the movie, the director shows how broken the modernist view of what a family should be, truly is today. The movie’s overall theme is about lust, sexuality, and fantasies. This movie reminded me a lot of The American Beauty, in the sense that the character’s live in a “fantasy” world. Stanley shows how a perfect couple, with a lot of money, and a daughter, can still fall apart, due to the distractions of the modern world. The movie shows what happens to a couple typically, when they are married for quite some time, and things get “stale”, thus, each person in the relationship look for fantasies, to escape in. The movie fits very well into the postmodernism topic that we looked at in class, as it criticizes modernist views on relationships. I would recommend this movie to be added into the course THEA 3225 under the postmodernism topic, if the school can look past the movie’s very strong R rating that is.

If you love hidden messages, cinematography, and plot twists, give this movie a view.

I have seen A LOT of movies, and let me tell you, this could be the greatest movie I have ever seen, thus, I recommend this movie to anyone in the course. I promise you, that you will be thinking about the messages in this movie, weeks after you view it.


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